Volcano Passion

Swiss volcano expert Peter Diethelm has a great passion for volcanoes. Whenever time permits he visits them all over the world and brings back astonishing pictures. This video contains a selection of his video footage from Mount Aetna on Sicily. Get fascinated by this powerful world of ashes and fire! Videographer: Peter Diethem. Edit: Kedar Misani. Soundtrack: Neal Williams

Icelandic Impressions

In July 2011 I visited my beloved Iceland again, a country or better an island that fascinates through the purity of its air, the beauty of its landscapes and colors as well as the kindness of its people. Enjoy my personal impressions of Iceland with a powerful soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl. Stills and videos taken with the Lumix GH2. Produced by Kedar Misani, Switzerland

Water Meditation in Vietnam

This beautiful refreshing water meditation is a simple video to help you find your inner power, your inner poise and your life flow. The water and its original sound recorded near a waterfall in southern Vietnam brings you back to yourself, a master pillar in each Feng Shui approach. Enjoy the meditation in full screen size. Length: 9:07 min. Produced by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland. January 2012. Camera: Lumix GH2.