Volcano Passion


Swiss volcano expert Peter Diethelm has a great passion for volcanoes. Whenever time permits he visits them all over the world and brings back astonishing pictures. This video contains a selection of his video footage from Mount Aetna on Sicily. Get fascinated by this powerful world of ashes and fire! Videographer: Peter Diethem. Edit: Kedar Misani. Soundtrack: Neal Williams


The Seeker’s Journey


This beautiful new video brings you the secrets for a seeker of the spiritual truth to reach his goal…

Text by Sri Chinmoy
Narration by Kaivalya Torpy
Music by Sri Chinmoy, arranged by Kamalakanta
Photos by NASA and miscellaneous
Edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Length: 8:45 min

Relax & Meditate for 1 hour


For the first time I am offering a one-hour meditation with nature scenes, captured over the past 15 years all over the world. The soundtrack is by New York based musician Premik Tubbs, who was inspired to interpret with his flute many soulful melodies composed by his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth which is especially important in today’s time of changes. Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani.

Sea Meditation in Bintan

International, Water

During my visit to Bintan (Indonesia) I was once wondering barefoot at the sea when suddenly the sea level rose and didn’t allow me either to continue nor go back. I took the opportunity to sit down, placed my camera on a stone (because I had no tripod with me) and enjoyed the late afternoon atmosphere. Enjoy these 5 minutes of stillness and nature ….
Camera: Lumix GH3.  Produced by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Sunset Meditation


Enjoy this 8 min slideshow with pictures from many trips but most of them taken from my home in Switzerland, but also including shots from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Paraguay, Japan and Iceland.

Photos by Kedar Misani. Cameras: Lumix GH2 and GH3, Smartphones Huawei P7, P9plus and Mate9. Slideshow made in FotoMagico. Soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl