Swiss Water Meditation

Meditation, Switzerland, Water

Enjoy the flowing water and meditate on it. You will be surprised how much joy, enthusiasm and energy you get! This short film was realized in the Swiss mountains. Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Music by Parichayaka Hammerl.


Evening fragrance

Switzerland, Water

A walk at the nearby river near Zurich in Switzerland inspired me to take a few shots.
Enjoy the peace and beauty!
Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Soundtrack: Parichayaka Hammerl

Swiss Mountain Spring

Switzerland, Water

Exploring nature in Switzerland, I made this little film on a mountain spring, concentrating on the quality of water which is equivalent to consciousness.
Enjoy or meditate with the pictures as you would at a spring yourself.
The beautifully fitting soundtrack was composed by Parichayaka Hammerl.
Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland

Aletsch Peace Glacier


The Glacier of Aletsch in Southern Switzerland joins hundreds of beautiful, significant and inspirational sites throughout the world that have been dedicated to the cause of peace and international friendship, organized by the International Sri Chinmoy Centres (Sri Chinmoy was promoting peace and harmony his whole live and is also founder of the International Oneness-Home Peace Run). With its silent vastness, beauty and power this Glacier conveys a sense of overwhelming peace, reminding us of the Source of Creation. Enjoy the feeling of this mountain region that also has been dedicated as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Moonrise in Switzerland


I was inspired to take my camera for an evening walk nearby Zurich in Switzerland. I captured some moments of silence before and after the moonrise, a couple of hours before the full moon appeared.

Music by Kodanda and Premik
Camera: JVC GY HM100 1080p 25
Edited in FCP
Produced by kedarvideo