Candle Meditation


Produced by Martins Vilums
Music: Robert Henke – First Contact


Silver Beach

Canada, Meditation, Water

Lifestream takes you deep into unknown land, into wilderness far away from civilization, into the presence of pure nature.
To landscapes last of their kind, temples of purity, silence and space.
Streamed in high definition, not edited, enhanced or filtered.

Our company lifestream transforms interior walls into vibrant landscapes.
Unlock your space and create your sanctuary at work or home. The streams on Vimeo are only a 3 min extract of hours long streams of places
yet undiscovered from human eyes.
For more information connect the producer livestream

Drone over Guilin, China

China, Drone

Head in the Clouds is a short clip shot from a drone during our trip to a limestone hill formation near Guilin in China. Li River cuts a lazy path between emerald green hills creating a surreal landscape. In early hours of the morning before the big boats arrive the river is peaceful and soft clouds are hugging the hills.

Produced by Ivan Bondarenko
Shot from Mavic Pro
Music by Tony Anderson